Why You Should Try Silicone Soap Molds – A Quick Insight

Due to ease of use, silicone soap molds are prevalent nowadays, and many people have been using it with great interest. It is strong-built and flexible. With silicone soap molds, it is as easy as a walk in the park to unmolding. The important thing is to break the airlock. You can break it by tenderly pulling away from the sides of the mold. In the event of any resistance when taking out cold process soap, you can discontinue the process immediately. It is worth waiting for a few more days of soap in the mold, or else your whole hard work will go waste, supposing that you tear the bottom or sides of it.

Sodium lactate is the ideal solution for quickly producing a sturdy soap bar.

It is no secret that soap takes long-drawn time to harden in silicone molds since there is lacking air in contact with the soap. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry at all since sodium lactate makes our lives easy. It is a principal additive to use when dealing with silicone molds. 

Sodium lactate is a liquid salt, which helps in building a bar of soap sturdy. It assists the soap last longer in the shower, too. Additionally, it is a great way to harden soap much quicker in the mold. Rather than waiting for 3-4 days molding your soap, you can end up molding it the next day using sodium lactate. It is good to advise to use one tablespoon of sodium lactate per pound of oils. Here is a disclaimer: don’t use too much. Using excess sodium lactate may result in a too hard and crumbly bar of soap. 

Silicone soap molds are easy-to-care-for

Silicone molds are extremely easy to maintain. After removing the soap from the mold, you need to wash the silicone soap mold with dish soap and hot water. Let the mold dry, and it is all ready to use for the next performance. It is better not to place your silicone soap mold in the dishwasher, though it is sturdy. Along with this, you should prevent using any scrubbing material, like copper sponges. Scrubbing materials may damage the lustrous finish inside. 

It happens that a soap, sometimes, has got a strong scent, and the soap leaves its scent on silicone molds. While the scent on the silicone molds does not shift to the next making of soap, you can still do one thing if you have a concern about it. After you wash the silicone mold with water and soap, dry it, you can spray the mold liberally with rubbing alcohol. Let the alcohol sit on the mold for around 15-20 minutes. Later, you need to spray again with alcohol and clean it with a paper towel. In the end, you can wash the mold with dish soap and water again.


Silicone soap molds are advisable to use for many different reasons, and the popular reason is its ease of use. Additionally, one can easily maintain it. We found out how sodium lactate is useful for producing a hard bar of soap as well. An essential point to note is that one should avoid using scrubbing material, especially copper sponges.  

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