Simple Silicone Molds Guide For The Proper Use And Care

Like other items in your home, you may also want to keep your silicone molds well-maintained and clean as well. Today, we will go through some tips to offload you, at least from this burden forever.  Prevent overstretching As a rule of thumb, you restrain from overstretching the silicone molds while demolding your epoxy resin casts. In […]

Why People Prefer Silicone Molds

Nowadays, silicone bakeware is ever trendier since they are versatile and come in various aesthetics designs. Silicone molds have some outstanding features that outperform traditional bakeware.  When it comes to people preferring silicone molds, there are certainly some reasons behind it. Today, we will see those reasons to understand why people fancy having silicone bakeware in their […]

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