Silicone mold is widely used in baking, cake decoration, handmade soap, candles, handicrafts, all kinds of modeling food, frozen food, DIY handmade products, company LOGO etc.
To make custom mold, please tell us how you want the custom mold to be used, so that we can choose the appropriate silicone material and take a appropriate production process.

Please provide the following details:

1.If you have ready-made mold sample, please sent it to us, this will save much time for both of us, and the custom mold will be more in line with your requirements;
2.If you have a ready-made product, such as a soap, a candle, a handicraft, or an item you want to make, you can send us the item, we can make the mold according to your item;
3.And you can send us pictures of the item you want to make mold for, it is better for you to take pictures from different aspects, and send dimensions of the item, then we can carve or print the product out and make a mold;
4.If you have drawings and dimensions of the items, then sent them to us;
5.Anyway, if you don’t have any details, just something in your mind, it is ok, just tell us your idea, we will help you to get it through.

Once you send infomation as listed above, we will send you a quote and the estimated time for production.

If you accept our quote, we will make you a sample mold and send you pictures to confirm. Once confirmed, the mold will be the final mold, and can not be changed.

And we will get the mold produced in bulk.


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