Three Types Of Silicone Soap Molds – Which One Should You Buy?

Silicone soap molds are garnering massive praises from all parts of the world. That’s why when it comes to the cold process, melt, and pour soap, there comes no better option than silicone soap molds.  Today, we will discuss three types of silicone soap molds accessible in the market nowadays. Let’s see them one by one.  […]

The Origin Of Fondant Cakes – Fondant Molds

Fondant molds are a great way to give beautiful decorations to cakes. Talking about fondant molds, we will today discuss the history of fondant cakes. So, without a fuss anymore, let’s jump right into the topic of our conversation.  The invention of fondant dates back to the 16th century. Since then, it’s been popularly known as […]

Why People Prefer Silicone Molds

Nowadays, silicone bakeware is ever trendier since they are versatile and come in various aesthetics designs. Silicone molds have some outstanding features that outperform traditional bakeware.  When it comes to people preferring silicone molds, there are certainly some reasons behind it. Today, we will see those reasons to understand why people fancy having silicone bakeware in their […]

Silicone Fondant Molds – A Tool For Making Life Easier

Undoubtedly, silicone fondant molds are the simplest molds to work with because of their two characteristics: adaptable design and patent-pending cutting blades. As opposed to typical block silicone molds on the market, fondant is set free neatly from the molds when the trimming blade’s high edges cut through the fondant. It makes the decoration simpler and quicker […]

Ways to Keep Silicone Molds Remain In Good Shape for a Long-Span Period

Silicone molds are increasingly trendy nowadays because of their versatility and captivating designs. Though using a silicone mold can open up so many possibilities, it needs proper care as well. Once you purchase the silicone mold, after you get trouble finding your favorite among several designs out there, you want to make sure it lasts as long […]

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