Characteristics of fluoro silicone

Important feature editor 1., oil resistance, solvent resistance, chemical resistance Compared with methyl vinyl silicone rubber, fluorosilicone rubber is excellent in oil resistance, solvent resistance and chemical resistance. It is good in oil resistance and solvent resistance even compared with fluorine rubber. In the same immersion medium, temperature and time were showed excellent durability, can […]

Silicone products manufacturers explain silicone rubber products for you

  Type two methyl silicone rubber silicone rubber was prepared with high molecular weight, must have high purity raw materials, to ensure the raw material purity, the industry usually is the first after distillation purification, the content of two methyl chlorosilane two above 99.5% in ethanol water medium was hydrolyzed by acid catalyzed condensation, and […]

How to make silicone mold without basic knowledge

Abstract: silicone mold is a method of rapid tooling, production process is: preparing mold, mold frame production, fixed mother mould, weighing, mixing and curing agent of silica gel silica gel, silica gel, silica gel vacuum exhaust bubble perfusion, mold solidification, mold to complete pruning. Tools and materials: two-component silicone (silicone + curing agent), plastic, electronic, […]

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