Silicone Fondant Molds – A Tool For Making Life Easier

Undoubtedly, silicone fondant molds are the simplest molds to work with because of their two characteristics: adaptable design and patent-pending cutting blades. As opposed to typical block silicone molds on the market, fondant is set free neatly from the molds when the trimming blade’s high edges cut through the fondant. It makes the decoration simpler and quicker than ever before.

Because silicone fondant molds make our lives easier, one can argue they are perhaps the best option for decoration, as they are flexible, comfortable, and easy to use.

Are you wondering how to use silicone fondant molds? 

Straightforwardly, one has to spill the mix into the mold. Afterward, bake the mix like one does it, and you can expect the symbolic object you want, according to the shape and size you picked.

Have your experience with it, is indescribably ugly? Well, it is the case with others as well. So, you do not have to shy away from expressing it, as, sometimes, it turns out difficult to take the fondant off from the mold without ruining the figure. In the unlucky scenario, one has to begin from scratch. Even worse, one needs to take it out in a manner that could impair the mold. To remain safe from that curse, follow the following tips to prevent the shaped fondants from becoming vitiated.

Use of Cornstarch for elementary shapes

Are you all set up for baking shaped object, such as hearts, jewelry, buttons, or any other compact figures? It is essential to add a bit of cornstarch to circumvent the fondant from adhering directly to the mold before adding the fondant to the mold. You can do this trick with your hands to better shape your fondant into the mold. Once cover the figure, you have to bake them for a few minutes — that’s it. With a little curve to our mold, the shaped object should come out conveniently without any spoiler.

Use of Tylose Powder for a bit Complex Shapes

For a bit more intricate and complex shaped objects, such as loops, edges, and leaves, you can also supplement a little bit of Tylose powder to the fondant mixture to make it a bit more resistant. It will help to prevent it from breaking up at the moment that you take them out.

Freeze the mold for highly complex shapes

For highly delicate and complex shaped objects, such as numbers, letters, and other small figures, a magic trick is to put the molds in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before extracting them. Through this approach, you will end up making it rigid and nearly impossible to break. Once you take it out, it is a good idea to wait patiently around 20-30 minutes. It will help them to thaw before including them in your decoration.

Final remarks

Silicone fondant molds are outstandingly useful for conveniently producing beautiful symbolic objects. You can illuminate your desserts spectacularly by adding them to your desserts. Through this technique, you can set yourself apart from the rest at any event. Fondant molds stay with you to bring more beauty to your beautiful life. It helps you multiply beauty through your desserts, and you can use them for as long as we want.

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