Soap Mold Making – How to Make Your Own Soap Molds

When it comes to soap mould which makes the possibilities are unlimited provided the container you select is able to hold hot water. Many soap makers prefer to buy pre made soap molds but I prefer to create my own, based on what kind of soap I’m making and what sort of design I think will showcase the soap into great effect.

Some folks would say that your soap is simply as great as the mould it’s in and to some extent I’d agree with this. If you are making soaps to sell in a market or Craft Show, then look is all about because potential customers will be attracted in if your soaps look visually appealing compared to the additives appearing like they have been carelessly cut to arbitrary sized blocks and thrown on your table!

If you would like to try soap mould making in your home, then the materials that you use for the mold will depend on a great extent on what type of soap you’re making. With a hot process soap you will have to supply heat resistant glass or when using plastic then look for something that’s environmentally friendly. When using a cold process then you are not as limited and you are able to choose a number of materials such as plastic, wood, PVC piping and silicone.

Silicone makes a great medium for soap making because it’s heat resistant, flexible and non-stick, or so the soap will pop out from the mold when it is set, without any problems. An additional advantage of making your own custom silicone molds is that you are able to select more or less any object to replicate from soap. As an instance, in case you wanted to create “dog” additives you can use a china model of a dog from which to make your mold. I will just point out here that your thing needs to have a hard surface in order to make a decent mould.

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