5 Molds to make beautiful DIY soap bars

We have seen the way to make soap reception, employing a few natural ingredients. Today we see the way to make some simple silicone molds to form beautiful, similarly as effective, DIY soap bars.

Have you finally decided to create homemade soaps, boycotting industrial soap, in favour of natural ingredients and fragrances, essential oils and flowers? I’ve got already told you the way to try to to it, but a subject that I’ve got not deliberately explored concerns precisely the form you’ll be able to give to your soap.

In fact, I made a decision to devote a whole article to the present topic so as to convey your original ideas. Yes, because I could simply tell you to sharpen your wits and find containers to use as silicone molds, but today I would like to provide you with some tips to make original, good and delightful soaps, also to provide as gifts.

First of all, we start from the simplest solutions, to progressively arrive at increasingly complex shapes, up to the creation of a real silicone mold. Are you ready to follow me?

Have you already got the tape or are you still processing caustic soda with olive oil? In the first case, go to the next paragraph, otherwise finish the preparation, and add your favourite essential oils.

The home preparation of soap allows you to obtain cheap soap in quantities to be used for personal hygiene, for laundry or for household cleaning. Very few low-cost ingredients are required for the preparation of the soap. Once you have recovered what you need to make the soap, you’ll need a mold.

Making a bar of soap at home is not a very simple thing, because it requires a very precise procedure and because some of the ingredients that are used are quite dangerous, if used badly or without attention. However, if you stick to the simple tips that follow step by step and have a little patience in taking some important precautions, you can get a great result and be really proud of your homemade soap.

You will need:

  • fats  or vegetable oil
  • caustic soda
  • Distilled water or tap water

All these ingredients are to be considered fundamental, because, if only 1 is missing, the soap cannot be made.

Mix well of these things and, pour the mixture into silicone molds or an frozen dessert tub and canopy with rags or blankets to insulate them well, so they preserve heat for an extended time.

Let the soap stand like this for 48 hours, then remove it from the molds and let it mature for a minimum of 6-8 weeks in a very dry and cool place: after this point you’ll have ready-to-use soap bars!

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