General: The best way to Make A Silicone Mold – Applying Household Products

This can be a step by step tutorial of the best way to make a silicone mold. The products utilised are all household goods.

Step 1 Spot the sculpture on a bed of clay. The clay wants to cover ½ of the sculpture. If this had been a plaster mold, the midline exactly where the clay goes as much as requires to become along the highest points with no undercuts. This really is the surface you may make the initial half of the mold on.

Step two Smooth the surface from the clay with a wet brush, then place 4 1/4 ” round 1″ long pieces of clay on the bed to act as keys for the silicone. Put a piece of clay on the leading of your sculpture to act as a pour spout (Occasionally the pour opening might be along the seam line. In that case, be sure to leave it open, never ever cover the pour hole)

Step 3 Place a thin layer of Vaseline on the clay bed and sculpture.

Step four (Read and stick to warning labels on all chemicals) Mix 1/3 cup of silicone with 2 tbsp of rubber cement collectively within a bowl. Need to possess the texture of peanut butter.

Step 5 Spread the silicone around the clay bed and sculpture. Don’t cover the major with the pour hole.

Step 6 Press 1 ½ square pieces of drywall mesh in to the silicone. Notice that we didn’t cover the pour hole.

Step 7 Cover the mesh with a thin layer of you silicone mixture.

Step eight Cover dry silicone with layer of Vaseline. Then mix plaster into a bowl with water, it should really feel like pudding when correctly mixed. Then put a thin layer of mixed plaster on the Vaseline coated surface of silicone (do not cover pour hole).

Step 9 Proceed to dip 3x two pieces of burlap in mixed plaster and location them around the plaster layer from preceding step. Usually do not cover pour hole. While the plaster continues to be wet, lightly spray the surface in the burlap with h2o and smooth out the surface.

Step ten Cut the clay bed cost-free from your functioning surface with something sharp (in no way reduce towards yourself). Turn more than the mold and take away clay bed from sculpture. The clay inside the crucial slots desires to be removed as well. Clean any remaining clay bits off.

Step 11 Cover first half of your mold and sculpture with Vaseline (do not neglect to place Vaseline within the keys). Now repeat the entire method on this side.

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