An easy way to make hand made soap with silicone mold

Even though the mould of hand soap is various, it still can’t satisfy people’s desire to make their own mold. However, many people don’t know the concrete steps of making it. Today, Xiao Bian came to teach you how to make hand soap mold.

If it is to buy mold to make hand soap, then its quality, we have no way to know. If you want to make creative handmade soap, then you need to make your own mold. But what is the process of making a mold? Let’s hurry up and have a look!

Generally speaking, since it is our own hands to do handmade soap, then certainly are reserved for their own use, so we have to use better materials. The material to do the mold is silica gel, and want to buy that kind of thick, although thin, the price is cheaper, but after doing well, its quality is not as good as imagined.
Before making the silicone mold, we have to prepare some tools, such as scissors and brushes. The brush is used to brush the silica gel, while the scissors are used for fine processing of the mold. After the materials are ready, we can begin to do, first put the mold clean and dry, and then take 700 to 1000 grams of silicone poured into a plastic bowl, a hardening agent and adding proper proportion of mixing.

The next step is to repeatedly brushing to die, pay attention to the second layer to the first layer of dry brush and then, after the one or two layers are brushing, the best plus a piece of cloth that can improve the mold, silicone mold life. In addition, in the process of making soft silicone molds, they need to be supported by glass or other hard objects.
In the process of making silicone mold, we should pay attention to the following points, first of all, in the mixing of silica gel and hardening agent must be mixing evenly, try not to mix too much air. Then is the addition of hardener must be appropriate, do not think that life will die increases the more the longer, instead it will greatly reduce the life of.

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