Where to find soap making molds & supplies

The art or hobby of making soap requires a soap maker to have the proper materials for their craft. cake moulds buy online and other supplies can easily be found in various places, as long as you know what it is you’re looking for. In fact, many beginner soap makers find that they don’t really need to buy anything new in order to start their hobby.

First, you need a double boiler. If you don’t own one, or you aren’t willing to use the one you use for cooking, you can create a make shift double boiler by using a microwave and oven safe baking dish, preferably one that is rounded so that it fits on top of a kitchen pot well. When you place water in a kitchen pot and boil the water while heating a material inside the baking bowl (which is on top of your pot and trapping all the heat under itself) then you have created your own double boiler.

Other supplies like soap making molds can also be made from recycled objects. Look around your home for durable (microwave safe) plastic containers. If you can come across ones that have interesting shapes, then this is even better because your soaps will be able to take on these shapes. Not sure where to look? Try your child’s old Play-dough set. These usually have clay molds that will fit and work well.

For more serious soap makers, unique soap making molds can be found in thrift stores. You will be amazed at some of the plastic or wooden trinkets some people are selling for cents! These small containers are likely to have odd or unique shapes, and the wooden ones are even better since these can leave grooves which act as decorative texture on your soap.

Soap making ingredients themselves, as well as soap molds, can be found in one-dollar stores. These stores usually sell things in bulk. Some of these products have been pulled off the market either because the packaging has changed or because they will expire soon. Check out the soaps department of these stores. You are likely to be able to locate ingredients for the melt and pour or rebatching methods of making soap.

Finally, be sure to look at health stores and online. You can get good deals on fragrance oils and essential oils from these two sources. Wait till your local health store goes on sale, or look for a good deal online. Fragrance oils and essence oils can be the among the more expensive ingredients when it comes to cake decorating with fondant, and being able to get more for less will be really beneficial for your hobby!

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