What you should consider when you want to buy silicone molds- a tip

Vacuum blowing bubbles also extend the life of the mold. You want a mold which is full of bubbles in a disastrous state, you dare to say that this mold has a tensile strength good?
Resin products as soon as possible to avoid mold stripping, burned, as curing agent of unsaturated resin and resin product with peroxide, when resin reaction will produce large amounts of heat, the general resin curing time is 3 minutes, so after 3 minutes to release as soon as possible, to prevent the silicon mold will not produce the phenomenon of burning mode.
The purchase of silica gel quality control should be in place Oh, some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of silica gel, silica gel was added in the process of making composite silicone (silicone compound and white mineral oil), silicone mold causes made Maoyou serious, which will seriously affect the quality and service life of the silicon rubber mold.
In the process of making mold, silicone rubber manufacturer recommended not to add any of the silicone oil on the silica gel, because the product changes, many people will take the initiative to add sometimes silicone silicone oil to reduce the viscosity of silica gel silica gel hardness or dilution, here Xiaobian recommended not to add any silicone silicone oh. Because the greater the amount of silicone oil, the mold will become soft, tensile and tear strength will be reduced, silica gel will naturally not durable, and service life will be reduced. If necessary, the amount of silicone oil is best not to exceed 5%-10%.

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