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Type two methyl silicone rubber silicone rubber was prepared with high molecular weight, must have high purity raw materials, to ensure the raw material purity, the industry usually is the first after distillation purification, the content of two methyl chlorosilane two above 99.5% in ethanol water medium was hydrolyzed by acid catalyzed condensation, and separating the difunctional siloxane monomer four or eight methyl siloxane ring four, and then the ring body under the action of catalyst, the formation of polymer type two methyl polysiloxane.
The production and application of other types of silicone rubber, which contains two methyl siloxane structural units, but also structural units containing other difunctional siloxane more or less, but its preparation method and two methyl silicone rubber preparation method is not essentially different, the preparation method is generally in favor of the formation of the ring body under the condition that some required difunctionality monomer hydrolysis and condensation of silicon, and then according to the required proportion of adding eight methyl siloxane ring four, then the reaction in the catalyst prepared.

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