Fondant Molds Can Help You Achieve All Your Cake-Decorating

Butterflies and additionally leaves, borders and waves, pearls  and alphabet mail: if you can dream it, there’s a mold or mat for doing  it!

christmas fondant silicone molds are wonderful time-savers and a boon for anyone who is really  becoming familiar with the basic fondant techniques. But they’re definitely not  foolproof. While some are extremely easy to use — push a little fondant in, pop  a little button or bow out — others take some getting used to and just a bit of  know-how.

If you’ve ever tried and failed to get fondant inside or out of  silicone molds, we’ve got some tips and tricks to support. Get ready to become a  mold master!

Basic Silicone Molds

– Dust the mold with a little  cornstarch and harness out the excess.

2 . Start with a sausage of  fondant and begin easing it into the mold. Keep all of your finger dusted with  cornstarch so the fondant stays in the mould and doesn’t stick to you. Wilton  fondant works well right; it’s firm and keeps its shape well while you take it  out of the mold.

3. Press with one offer while continuing to pinch and  smooth the fondant into the mold with your other hand, working from one final to  the other.

4. Once the mold is full, have a very cornstarch-dusted  rolling pin to roll over the fondant in addition to press it firmly in. Dusting  the rolling pin number ensures the fondant doesn’t stick.

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