Characteristics of fluoro silicone

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1., oil resistance, solvent resistance, chemical resistance
Compared with methyl vinyl silicone rubber, fluorosilicone rubber is excellent in oil resistance, solvent resistance and chemical resistance. It is good in oil resistance and solvent resistance even compared with fluorine rubber. In the same immersion medium, temperature and time were showed excellent durability, can be said to fluorosilicone rubber is the only one in the -68 to 232 DEG C under non polar dielectric elastomer. Fluorosilicone rubber containing high methanol gasoline is quite good, even in the gasoline / methanol mixture, hardness, tensile strength, volume change of the vulcanizates are very small, by immersion test 500h after a long time, the property also almost no change.
2. heat resistance
The high temperature decomposition of fluorosilicone rubber is the same as that of silicone rubber, that is, the side chain oxidation, the main chain fracture, the side chain thermal decomposition and the various composite reactions. Since the decomposition products also lead to fracture of the main chain, heat resistance is usually less than that of silicone rubber and has begun to oxidize at 200 C. But by adding iron, titanium, rare earth oxides and other small heat stabilizers, they can be significantly improved, even at 250 degrees high temperature, but also has sufficient heat resistance. The influence of temperature on fluorosilicone rubber is larger than that of silicone rubber, but smaller than that of fluorine rubber. The service life of fluorosilicone rubber under the conditions of 150 * 2000h, 175 * 5000h and 200 * 4000H has been studied abroad, and the result is only second to that of methyl vinyl silicone rubber.
3. cold tolerance
Fluorosilicone rubber, like ordinary silicone rubber, has good low temperature performance. Because fluorosilicone rubber is a linear polymer composed of flexible Si-O chains, its low temperature characteristics are superior to those of fluorine rubber with C-C as its main chain. Among them, the low temperature characteristics of fluorosilicone rubber (LS-2370U) are better, the brittleness temperature is lower than -89 DEG C, and the average fluorine rubber is about -30 degrees centigrade.
4. electrical performance, radiation resistance
Fluorine silicone rubber is similar to ordinary silicone rubber in electrical properties, but it is particularly valuable in the high temperature, low temperature, humidity, oil, solvents, chemicals, ozone and other harsh conditions of change is very small. The radiation resistance of fluorosilicone rubber is not prominent, but its radiation resistance is better than that of methyl vinyl silicone rubber.
5. physical and mechanical properties
Fluorosilicone rubber, like ordinary silicone rubber, has a lower mechanical strength (especially tear strength). Therefore, it is also an important research topic to improve and improve the strength of fluorosilicone rubber.
6. other features
Fluorine – resistant silicone rubber has excellent weather resistance and good performance even after exposure for 5 years. Ozone is one of the most important gases produced by aging of elastomers. However, no cracks or cracks have been found after dynamic or static tests. In addition, the mildew resistance, physical inertia and anticoagulant ability of fluorosilicone rubber are also very good.

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